Raising Arms

What Others Are Saying

"I wanted to send you this email to formally express my gratitude to you for the wonderful time I had in Seoul during your seminar. The content, the way and clarity you have to communicate concepts that could be otherwise very complex made it a very enlightening experience.
I want to also thank you for opening a new door and setting a new path for us clinicians who weren't finding answers to many problems and for the persons we help every day to feel better and live longer. On behalf of all of them as well thank you very much!"

Dr. Gus Fischer
Queensland, Australia

“I am so pleased to be able to attend and complete this course! I had some perceptions of the abilities of the appliance coming in and they were completely exceeded. I can’t wait to integrate this into the practice!”

Kelly Miller DDS
Lawrence, Kansas

“Great Course! Best course I have ever attended.”

Dave K. Dorroh DDS
Tomball, Texas

"By the way, the course and information presented has had a profound impact on my life and career. This new paradigm will not only change my life, but has inspired me to help and change others."

Dr. Matthew Tognotti, DDS FAGD
Walnut Creek, California

"A belated Thank You to Dr Singh and BioModeling Solutions for the webinar last Thursday (Melbourne Australia time)- all our staff were able to learn much from the excellent presentation."

Dr. Estie Bav, DDS

"Thanks again for giving us an amazing lecture on Monday. I'm continuing to get positive feedback from people who attended the talk."
Steven Y. Park, MD
Assistant Professor, Otorhinolaryngology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

"I have attached the results of the evaluation of your lecture. Your average is an extremely high score of 4.94 out of 5.00; that is the highest score at the conference and you also have the highest number of respondents (44). I have reviewed your lecture (while editing) and I am very impressed the way you have built-up your lecture. Your material is so complex that it is easy to go over things too fast. You did an excellent job taking us step by step into this material."

-Dr Edmund Liem, DDS

"Thank you so much for the ortho. course. I was amazed at the wealth of information you described in terms we could understand."

-Dr Debbie Starr-Lake, DDS

"Your appliances and instruction have indeed created a healthy stir. Even some of the osteopaths that I work with have been to an introduction and returned with excitement."

- Dr Darick Nordstrom, DDS

"In my opinion he is the ultimate research authority on facial growth and functional appliances."

-Dr Mike Sefranek, DDS
President of International Association for Orthodontics - New England 

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